All the apparatus in our active fleet are new vehicles, with the exception of our Bush Buggy, Squrt and ERU that have been refurbished or constructed by the membership.

120 Apparatus


120 Engine

Year 2009
Make/Model Kenworth T370/Pierce Contender
Engine/Fuel Paccar
Purpose(s) Fire Suppression//Salvage & Overhaul
Specialized Equipment 1500W tower lights & Generator
Notes 120 Engine is RMES's first due pumper. It carries 1000 gallons of water, 30 gallons of Class A foam and can pump it at 1050 gallons per minute. Like Engine 50 Alpha, the truck has several hundred feet of hose in many sizes, from 38mm (1 1/2 inch) to 125mm (5 inch), to do every job from hand line attack to supplying other fire apparatus. It carries all the ladders, tools, and equipment necessary to fight a fire inside or outside of a building as well.
The truck also carries hydraulic rescue tools and can perform minor extrication at motor vehicle collisions. This truck is unique to the department as it has an enclosed pump panel which means that the operator never has to be out in the elements when operating the truck.
120 Apparatus  

120 Rescue

Year 2012
Make/Model Pierce Encore Rescue / Chassis: Peterbilt 348
Engine/Fuel PACCAR PX-8 380HP Turbo-Diesel, Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel
Purpose(s) Highway Rescue, Medical First Response, Technical Rescue, Scene Support
Specialized Equipment 12000 lb winch, 7.5kW Night Scan light tower, 15kW engine-driven generator, Genesis hydraulic extrication tools
Notes Busiest truck in the fleet, responding to two-thirds of all incidents and twice as many as any other truck. Has a climate-controlled interior workspace for use as a command post or for housing patients prior to arrival of an ambulance
120 Apparatus  

120 Rapid Response Vehicle

Year 2009
Make/Model Dodge 5500
Engine/Fuel Cummins Diesel
Purpose(s) Grass & Brush Fire Response/Rescue Support/Scene Safety
Specialized Equipment High & Medium pressure air bags
Emergency Warning Signs
Floodlight & Generator,
Arrow Board
Notes 120 Rapid Response Vehicle replaced an older truck which was too small and under-powered for our needs. The town secured an Alberta Municipal Infrastructure grant to purchase a new cab/chassis for the existing body.
This new truck is four-wheel drive and has a crew cab capable of transporting up to five firefighters.
The truck carries 300 gallons of water and pumps from a 250 gallon per minute pump that is part of a new skid unit purchased during the refurbishment.
The back of the truck has a set of directional arrows mounted there, so it may direct traffic in case of an emergency on or near a roadway. Also, extra rescue equipment is carried onboard, to supplement the Rescue.
Lastly, multiple sets of floodlamps are both mounted and detachable on the unit, able to be powered from the mounted 5kW generator.
120 Apparatus  

120 Tender

Year 2010
Make/Model Peterbilt 348
Engine/Fuel Paccar 8, 380p/Diesel
Purpose(s) Mobile Water Supply/Fire Suppression
Specialized Equipment Portable collapsible storage tanks, portable pump
Notes 120 Tender is used to shuttle water to fire scenes. It can carry 2500 gallons of water at one time, and with the 840 gallon per minute fire pump onboard, it can do fire attack in special situations as well. The truck carries two large collapsible tanks which, when unfolded, can hold a total of 5000 gallons of water; other tanks kept at the station and transported to the scene via the Panel can hold another 4500 gallons, which the pumper trucks can then 'draft' or draw out of. The tanker has a large square dump valve on the back of the tank body, so that it can dump its water load quickly. This truck was manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing at its plant in Brandenton, Florida and will be in service by March 2011. The tanker responds with two personnel to all rural fires.
120 Apparatus  

120 Squrt - RETIRED

Year 1976 (refurb 1998)
Make/Model Hendrickson
Engine/Fuel Detroit Diesel 8V71/Diesel
Purpose(s) Fire Suppression/Aerial Water Supply/Salvage & Overhaul
Specialized Equipment 54 foot (16m) Squrt water tower

2015/12/01: This truck has been retired from active duty after serving us for 40 years. She will now be used primarily for training purposes and for the fire cadet camp.

120 Squrt was RMES's second due pumper truck. It carries 710 gallons of water and can pump it at 1250 gallons per minute. Like 120 Engine the truck had several hundred feet of hose in many sizes, from 38mm (1 1/2 inch) to 125mm (5 inch), to do every job from hand line attack to supplying other fire apparatus. It carried all the ladders, tools, and equipment necessary to fight a fire inside or outside of a building as well.
The truck's major piece of equipment is the 'Squrt' water tower, which can raise and rotate just like an aerial ladder without the ladder. At the end is a large nozzle, which can flow 1000 gallons per minute. If necessary, this truck can take (and has taken) the place of an aerial ladder's water tower at a fire scene.

120 Apparatus  

120 Bush Buggy

Year 1998
Make/Model GMC 1500 4x4
Engine/Fuel Vortec 5.7L V8 Gasoline
Purpose(s) Utility Service
Grass & Brush Fire Response
General Assistance
Specialized Equipment Grass/Brush Fire Unit
Emergency Warning Signs
Arrow Board
Notes 120 Bush Buggy is a 4x4 pickup truck donated by TransCanada Pipelines Limited to Redwood Meadows Emergency Services in 2004. It replaced a 1984 4x4 Suburban that was used for personnel transport and rough terrain access. Like all other RMES apparatus, 120 Bush Buggy was refurbished by the membership upon its arrival at the station. New LED and strobe emergency lighting was installed.
The truck is used in both non-emergency business, i.e. attending meetings or picking up equipment, and emergency responses as well. When responding as an emergency unit, it can respond with anywhere from one to five personnel.
120 Apparatus  

120 Rescue Support Trailer

Year 2012
Make/Model  Factory Outlet Trailers
Engine/Fuel Towed by 120RRV, 120BB, or 120ERU.
Purpose(s) Storage and transport of 120UTV and various technical rescue/support equipment
Specialized Equipment 120UTV, also the "Mule" (wheeled Stokes stretcher), portable 8kW generator.
Notes Primarily used for transporting the UTV, currently still a 'work in progress', and will eventually contain various technical rescue gear such as wood cribbing/shoring materials, water/slope rescue gear, etc.
120 Apparatus  

120 UTV

Year 2012
Make/Model Polaris Ranger 600 6x
Engine/Fuel 40HP 800cc Twin/Regular Unleaded Gasoline
Purpose(s) Medical Aid Transport, Wildland Firefighting
Specialized Equipment 500 liters water, 18HP portable pump, wildland firefighting hoselines and hand tools, emergency lighting, UHF and VHF emergency radios, stretcher carrying capability, 4000lb winch
Notes Obtained and donated by the firefighters' association to aid in accessing difficult-to-reach patients, most often in the backcountry. Also able to support fire suppression activities.

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