As part of our ongoing commitment to our community, we provide interested parties with tours of our station. The tours are geared towards children, but can be adapted to specific needs.

These tours normally take about an hour because we have found that anything shorter is really not enough time for a proper tour and to teach the children the important information.

We teach about 9-1-1, stop-drop-and-roll, show the children what a firefighter looks like all dressed up in bunker gear and breathing apparatus (so that kids know for instance they should not be afraid of us when there is a fire in their house and they are hiding somewhere and we come in all "dressed up" looking for them (very important!)), show them some of our fire, rescue and medical equipment and we let them tour our fire trucks.

We normally adjust the complexity of what we say and how we say it to the age of the group (we do for instance a modified tour for school children who have autism. We can adjust the program as required for those with special needs).

Please contact us to arrange a tour of the station and to discuss your specific needs.

You can prepare your children for the tour by reviewing the information on the City of Calgary website:

Please note that we are an active fire station and as such it might happen during the tour that we get an actual call and that as such we would have to reschedule the tour, depending on the nature of the call.

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