Our recruitment process is divided into several stages.

The total time it takes to go through the process is about 6-8 weeks from the time a candidate is invited to attend training to when a job offer is made.

The schedule looks roughly like this:

Week 0 - The initial step is your application showing your interest in becoming a volunteer with RMES.

Week 1 & 2 - You are invited to attend two weekly training sessions with RMES. The intent of this is for you to get to know us, ask any questions you might have and for us to get to know you. It also allows us to interact with you and you with our team of volunteers.

Week 4/5 - If you are successful after having attended the two training nights, you will be invited for a formal interview.

Week 5/6 - A conditional Job Offer will be made if you are successful in the interview. The Job Offer is conditional on several things, among others: a criminal records check with vulnerable sectors, a child intervention check, a full medical and several other items. Please do not apply for any of these documents until such time that you are asked by us, to prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs!

Week 6 - Start as a probationary firefighter with RMES

Week 6-12 - You attend training as you can every week. You will work through modules 1-4 of the Firefighter Class V training program. The completion of these modules is required before you are allowed to respond to calls on a fire truck. You will respond to the hall when a call comes in and will help with things like: post call truck checks, filling out reports, clean-up, etc, etc.

Week 12 - You are now able to respond to calls after completion of modules 1 through 4.

Week 12 - 52 - You continue to attend training every week as you can. You will work through the remaining modules 5 - 16 of the Firefighter Class V training program and will continue to respond to the hall when a call comes in.

Week 52 - You have successfully completed the Firefighter Class V training program and are promoted to the level of Firefighter Class V.

Recruitment Status

Closed for non-local candidates

(Calgary, Cochrane, Spingbank north of Hwy 1, Foothills, etc)

Open for local candidates

(Redwood Meadows, Bragg Creek Hamlet, Wintergreen, West Bragg Creek)

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